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The 28 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge October
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Join the highly popular 28 day kettlebell swing challenge by Cavemantraining. You’ve come to the official event by the organiser of the 28 Day...

IKFF Level 1 & 2 Certification
IKFF Level 1 & 2 CKT Certification
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Malaga, Spain

For the first time ever, Spain, Portugal and France will have easy access to level 2 certification. This is the time all level 1...

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Taco Fleur
September 11, 2017

Kettlebells For Beginners

Taco Fleur
September 11, 2017

50+ Kettlebell Press Exercises

Taco Fleur
August 8, 2017

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Vishwas Jamadagni

Silver Medallist at EKFA National Kettlebell snatch event
Nowadays, kettlebells are becoming recognized as a versatile method of achieving one's goals in physical fitness. However, there is insufficient literature on the techniques and intricacies of this very effective piece of fitness equipment. That's where Taco Fleur's new book, entitled 'Kettlebell Training Fundamentals', comes in. Taco is a man who is interested not just in being fit and healthy, but in digging deep and assimilating the underlying principles that are involved. As someone who has more than 12 years of experience with his own kettlebell training, and having also spent a long time training others, he is ideally suited to demystify the most important aspects of kettlebell training for the beginner. 'Beginner' here means beginner to kettlebells, and not necessarily to the fitness world, since there is scope even those who have spent many years training in other methodologies to go wrong when starting with kettlebells. The reason is that the philosophy of kettlebell training is different from that of other modalities. Besides, it has its own idiosyncracies, and terms employed in the context of kettlebells, even when named the same as with other methods, are often very different when it comes to execution (e.g. hook grip for the kettlebell is different from that of the barbell, although the name is the same). In this book it is very evident that Taco has made painstaking efforts to think from the perspective of the newcomer, and taken nothing for granted. Pretty much every question you might have, if you are new to kettlebells, is answered here. Not only answered, but the reasoning behind it is explained in detail, with explanations that go into biomechanics and human physiology, with appropriate diagrams where relevant, so that technical terms (such as those relating to muscular anatomy, or to the physics of the trajectory of the kettlebell while performing exercises) are easily understood. You will learn not only the what, but also the why, and the how, and the when. Taco gently guides you along the way, starting from why you would even want to train with kettlebells, to selecting your first kettlebell, to the selection of exercises, to the warmup sequence, to the performance of exercises, to the progressions. Another thing I liked very much was the detailed section on the various grips of the kettlebell. This section is amazingly detailed, and to my knowledge this is the first work with such an analysis of this aspect of the kettlebell. There are tons of photos and step-by-step explanations, and links to videos where such would be more effective than written explanations. If you get injured, Taco provides a very helpful guide to understand from the specific pain you experience (such as in the shoulder, or in the forearm), what could be wrong with your technique of lifting. Finally, Taco is evidently passionate about kettlebells, but not infatuated with them without reason. He is honest and tells us why he likes them, and at the same time he also keeps up practice with other disciplines, such as martial arts, CrossFit, etc. Thus he has a holistic view of fitness, and is not just an expert on this particular tool. You will learn a lot from his book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Jason Howell

Jason Howell

CrossFit Team Offutt Tactical Fitness
"Kettlebell Swing and Snatch Efficiency in CrossFit Workshop for CrossFit is a great ebook on how to run a four hour workshop, covering the kettlebell swing and snatch for CrossFit. It has some great videos that illustrate the differences between the sport, training and hard styles of kettlebell work. It also does a great job discussing and explaining when each style is preferred based on what your goals are. This is especially beneficial for CrossFitters who are just starting with kettlebells giving them a good guide on the different methods, their advantages and to use them for efficiency.
The biggest value to this book though is for the coach. It expertly breaks down by the minute how to run a four hour workshop/seminar. If you don't have a lot of experience running them, this ebook is indispensable. Knowing how long to spend on each lesson, and what to cover makes holding a seminar a breeze. Even if you have a lot of experience in running seminars, this is a great guide and everyone from the novice to the expert will take several great pieces of advice from it."
Mark Rummukainen

Mark Rummukainen

AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League)
"'The Hip Hinge for Swing, Deadlifts, and more' Is an excellent, informative book. The movement and muscles involved are broken down to base level to ensure the reader understands the movement principles. Such a simple movement can have a huge effect on many aspects of life and training, the ability to do it well and train the hinge will open the door to much more."
Carol Sakmary DiCamillo

Carol Sakmary DiCamillo

"The kettlebell workshop manual by Taco Fleur was engaging, informative, professional and very well put together. It provided so much useful information on the breakdown of the different styles of snatches and swings. This is VERY informative for the CrossFit community since this is RARELY taught in CrossFit. The videos are very helpful with instruction and comparing the different styles of kettlebell training. This is a great read and I highly recommend it to ALL athletes, especially coaches, in the CrossFit community. Proper kettlebell knowledge, instruction and implementation will set you apart from the rest by enhancing your training and enabling you to coach kettlebell training in the PROPER way to your athletes. This will definitely set you apart from the rest as a coach, trainer and athlete!"
Zoltán Sándor

Zoltán Sándor

Szenczi Molnár Albert Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola
"First I was watching some videos with various exercises and tried to simulate them by common dumbbell. It was not easy. Later, when I ordered and got my first , relatively cheap concrete kettlebell, the situation became even harder. After first training sections my whole body burnt, legs were aching, and I have not mentioned another parts of my tired body yet. Some months later I bought some heavier kettlebells such as 24,28,32,40 kg weights and last month I got the BEAST. It weighs 48 kg. My favorite exercises are swings and presses. Until now I knew three types of presses, those I tried to practice: Military press, Jerk and Long-cycle press. For brothers in arms are all these exercises notoriously known. These are the three basic press exercises of KB Pentathlon. Then everything changed when I got a book, titled: Master the Kettlebell Press, The Ultimate Guide.  Book was written by co – authors Taco Fleur, Joe Daniels . Both of them are well known athletes and professionals in their field of activity. Starting from first page i knew that guide was written by strongmen who know what they speak (write) about. Book starts with anatomical descriptions, rich illustrated material provides detailed pieces of information on all muscles, those are involved into press procedure. Next chapters are dedicated to KB grips, techniques of various presses. Variations of presses are included too. Shortly spoken , when i started reading the book, (some parts i have to translate to my native language), suddenly realized, that many things i had done, i had done badly. So once again i needed reevaluate some things : breathing, grips, initial movements, relaxing acts etc.. But Ultimate Guides are for these purposes. This book is definitely not intended only for one reading. If You think about presses seriously, you need to read it again and again. Another thing that i really appreciate: are links to various exercises. Videos with exercises will help You how to fix your bugs, how to press properly, check and control your breathing technique.  And last but not least... This book does not offer quick and light results and victories, but only toll, sweat and blood. But one who ever tried a KB press, would know what i am writing about. Stay strong forvever!!! Sorry to be little bit personal "
Robert Rix

Robert Rix

"Very informative and helpful. Plenty of detail yet put simply."
Sean Wells

Sean Wells

Owner Solid State Fitness
"As a Trainer, I find one of the least appreciated facts about fitness is that strength is an actual skill. Taco Fleur and Joe Daniels make up for everyone who's missed that fact with this book, addressing, coaching and correcting all aspects of technique and proper programming on one of the all-time classic strength movements. It will direct any reader towards a true level of mastery. ...for anyone who even thinks they're interested, this is going to be one great book to buy!"

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