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Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0

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One is simply not qualified to call themselves a kettlebell trainer without having passed this course and demonstrated knowledge of all kettlebell training fundamentals.

Those who successfully pass, receive a certificate, and be allowed to truly call themselves a certified Caveman Kettlebell Trainer under Cavemantraining, or:

Certified Kettlebell Trainer L3.0
Kettlebell Training Fundamentals Trainer Level 3.0
KB Fundamentals Trainer Lvl 3.0
KB Trainer L3.0
*the word trainer can be replaced with “instructor” as such: Certified Kettlebell Instructor L3.0
*the name Cavemantraining can be used in the context of Certified Kettlebell Trainer L3.0 Under Cavemantraining

Why take this course?

Apart from the fact that this is the only course that lays such a proper foundation for kettlebell training, and that the material has been put together over a decade, you should take this course and lay the foundations to become a kettlebell PRO trainer.



What’s included?

  • Ebook(s)
  • Video(s)
  • Audiobook(s)
  • Assessor time:
    • Up to 1 hour for private training should you need it
    • Up to 3 hours for assessing submitted video, and communication
      *on average only half of that is consumed
  • Course access
  • Certified Caveman Kettlebell Trainer Certificate


“The Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 is a great addition to any trainers arsenal. Thorough explanations, instructions, corrections, and cues. You are encouraged to use a kettlebell as you read, which greatly improves comprehension of the techniques and reasoning behind them.

I highly recommend this course to any trainer who uses, or is interested in teaching kettlebells!”
—Jeff Bott


“The Caveman Kettlebell Trainer L3 course is full of information. It’s presented in a logical fashion allowing you to move through it without being overwhelmed. The flexibility of the online format is perfect – you could race through the material in a few days or complete it when life allows. Within the course, there’s a great mix of practical, theory and research assessments.

My favorite part of the course was the feedback obtained from my coach during the practical assessments. It was detailed, concise and invaluable, probably worth the cost of the course alone.”
—Kate McCann


“The Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 is a course that I highly recommend to anyone at any level of training. No matter what level you are, you will get something out of this course.The manual is full of Information that is easy to follow and within the course itself there are plenty of video clips as well as audio to suit the needs of all learners. The support and feedback from your assessor as you progress though the course is unique because it is specific to you and how you can improve your skills as you learn. I have used Kettlebells within my own training and with clients for years but this course has given me a greater understanding of the dynamics of using the Kettlebell safely and as a result I am able to lift, swing, push and carry a Kettlebell heavier than before. The course and skills I have learnt has also helped enhance other aspects of my training and I continue on my journey to be a better version of myself everyday.”
—Nikki Banks


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