Kettlebell Training Fundamentals



New to Kettlebells? Train without Pain.

Whether you have tried the kettlebells at your local CrossFit box and injured yourself, or you have reached a plateau and are looking for something new to reinvigorate what has become a dull and repetitive training routine, Kettlebell Training Fundamentals is the answer.


Kettlebells are different. Expert help is what you need.

Kettlebell swings are never the same, so your body does not become accustomed to your conditioning program and will always build real muscle, therefore great results can be achieved quickly.

However, if you do not learn how to use kettlebells correctly, you will pick up bad habits and risk injuring yourself and then you won’t enjoy training.


Taco Fleur is a vastly experienced IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer and through his new book Kettlebell Training Fundamentals, the first in a series of kettlebell training by Cavemantraining, Taco imparts years of wisdom using simple everyday language, so you can truly benefit from his experience.


He unveils hard-earned secrets that make for injury-free, amazing results and therefore his book is an ideal addition to any cross-training program at home or the gym.


What you will learn.

There is a lack of good quality accessible information regarding kettlebell training. Crossfitters who want to make new gains need Taco’s book.

This manual covers all the things most people miss out from their practice, simply because the fundamentals have not been covered properly.

Even experienced weightlifters can make common mistakes that lead to injury.

By mastering the essentials, Taco helps both the seasoned pro and the kettlebell beginner to lay down a strong foundation of practice that can become a huge part of their WOD—workout of the day.


If you are new to kettlebells, every question you might have, has been answered here. In easy to understand language and described in meticulous detail, Taco takes the perspective of the newcomer and guides them through the reasoning behind each technique, by explaining the physics of anatomy and how they affect the biomechanics of the human body.


It will become clear to the reader exactly why an exercise is performed in a specific way.

Taco not only explains how and when a move should be performed but also why it is often done incorrectly in a way that leads to injury. This is vital information for anyone practicing with kettlebells.


Getting to Grips

From selecting your first kettlebell, to choosing exercises, how to prepare the body and make safe progressions, is all covered in minute detail. There is a wide-ranging section on correct (and incorrect) gripping of kettlebells, that helps steer the beginner away from a painful practice.

If you do get injured, Taco’s book provides a comprehensive guide to help you understand, from the specific pain you experienced, what could be wrong with your technique.

Kettlebell Training Fundamentals is like having a master instructor in your own home.


Some of the Topics Covered at Length are:

  • Training Fundamentals: including Safety, Warming Up & Buying Tips
  • Kettlebell Grips to reduce and avoid pain or injury
  • Swing Types
  • Proper Racking to Conserve Energy
  • Kettlebell Pain
  • Golden Rules
  • Progression for Beginners
  • Stretching & Poses


A Must-Have Guide to Starting Out with Kettlebells

Kettlebell Training Fundamentals is for those who cannot get to a master teacher. Now, the expert has come to them! With stunning professional photographs, easy to understand descriptions and links to videos, Taco’s book is the go-to study manual for kettlebell training. Get it now!


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