“First I was watching some videos with various exercises and tried to simulate them with a common dumbbell. It was not easy. Later, when I ordered and got my first, relatively cheap concrete kettlebell, the situation became even harder. After first training sections my whole body burnt, legs were aching, and I have not mentioned other parts of my tired body yet.

Some months later I bought some heavier kettlebells such as 24,28,32,40 kg weights and last month I got the BEAST. It weighs 48 kg. My favorite exercises are swings and presses. Until now I knew three types of presses, those I tried to practice: Military press, Jerk and Long-cycle press. For brothers in arms are all these exercises notoriously known. These are the three basic press exercises of KB Pentathlon. Then everything changed when I got a book, titled: Master the Kettlebell Press, The Ultimate Guide. The book was written by co – authors Taco Fleur, Joe Daniels . Both of them are well-known athletes and professionals in their field of activity. Starting from the first page I knew that guide was written by strongmen who know what they speak (write) about. The book starts with anatomical descriptions, the rich illustrated material provides detailed pieces of information on all muscles, those are involved in press procedure. Next chapters are dedicated to KB grips, techniques of various presses. Variations of presses are included too. Shortly spoken , when I started reading the book, (some parts I have to translate to my native language), suddenly realized, that many things I had done, I had done badly. So once again I needed to reevaluate some things: breathing, grips, initial movements, relaxing acts etc.. But Ultimate Guides are for these purposes. This book is definitely not intended only for one reading. If You think about presses seriously, you need to read it again and again. Another thing that I really appreciate: are links to various exercises. Videos with exercises will help You how to fix your bugs, how to press properly, check and control your breathing technique. And last but not least… This book does not offer quick and light results and victories, but only toll, sweat and blood. But one who ever tried a KB press, would know what I am writing about. Stay strong forever!!! Sorry to be little bit personal “