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Kettlebell Kings | Powder Coated Kettlebell Weights (5-90LB) For Women & Men | Durable Coating for Grip Strength, Rust… Price: $59.98
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Kettlebell Kings | Competition Kettlebell Weights (8-48 KG) For Women & Men | Designed For Comfort in High Repetition…

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These kettlebells are designed for comfort in high repetition kettlebell workouts and have a superior balance for better workouts. The biggest difference compared to other models is the smaller size and curvature in comparison to other models, and is designed for easier insertion with comfort overhead and in the rack position throughout lifts. Increased comfort plus easier insertion equals better workouts and new personal records in strength, endurance, and/or competitions.


  • Handle: 35mm diameter is the international standard and provides a larger surface area to push out reps.
  • Balance: distribution of steel in mold creates the perfect balance for smoother repetitions.
  • Top quality: steel used for durable and long-lasting construction.
  • Gravity cast: gravity casts create better surface finish and better dimensional accuracy in comparison to other types of molds.
  • No welding: this means that it is cast as one solid piece instead of welding parts; traditional kettlebells are made with welding the handles, bodies or bottom — this makes kettlebells break easy
  • No fillers: traditional competition kettlebells are made with ONE mold and filled with fillers like sawdust and ball bearings to reach the desired weight which leads to imprecision in weight
  • No rattle: fillers loosen over the years and rattle around inside
  • Color-coded: international competition standards

MADE for Kettlebell Sport, meets Girevoy Sport Union (GSU), IKFF and International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) standards.

Our HOLLOW CORE creates better BALANCE throughout lifts as most competition bells with welded bottoms and fillers can shift and rattle around with movement, making it harder to complete your workout. If you see a competition style kettlebell without an opening in the bottom it is stuffed with sawdust and ball bearings or other fillers. These will unsettle over the years and make the lift feel unbalanced.


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