Kettlebell Racking Ebook


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Finding your kettlebell racking position is not always easy, I have heard many different reasons that could be the problem, like; having breasts, not having the right body type, inflexible, being overweight etc. and yes, those could be valid excuses in some cases, but from my experience it’s usually the trainer/teacher that does not know how to provide the proper progressions and cues for the student to find their racking position, or to make them fully understand the position and it’s objectives.” ~ Taco Fleur

Table of Contents

  • 10 Steps To Find Your Kettlebell Racking Position Easily
  • Why rack properly?
  • Common Grips in Racking
  • Clean
  • Bodyweight Practise
  • Spine
  • Racking Points and Cues
  • Kettlebell Resting Position
  • The Racking Concept


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