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Whether you live in the US, Australia, Europe, Canada or another part of the world, if you’re after buying Kettlebells Online, following are some trusted sources.

Although Competition Kettlebells are used for Kettlebell Sports, they certainly are not just for Kettlebell Sport, in fact, they are my favourite choice of kettlebell for kettlebell training, and I use nothing else. Without going into details as to why etc. I’m listing both the competition and the classic kettlebell below.





Competition Kettlebells

Ader Pro-Grade



Ader Pro-Grade International Kettlebell -The top of the handle is about 11 inches high and the diameter of the spherical portion is about 8 inches. All Ader Pro-Grade kettlebells have the same linear dimensions. Only the colors and weights change.
Ader Pro-Grade 24kg 53lb Ader Pro-Grade International Kettlebell -The handle is perfect, smooth and consistent. The handles don’t grow as the bells get heavier.
 CFF  32kg 71lb  CFF Pro Competition Russian Kettlebell (Girya) Great for Cross Training and MMA Training! – Regulation 33mm handle; The handles are specifically designed to prevent lateral slipping and minimize fatigue with high repetition sets

 Muscle Driver USA 36kg V2 Pro Series Competition Kettlebell White – This kettlebell was manufactured with precision.

Cast Iron Classic Russian Kettlebells

 Ader  8kg  18lb Russian Premier Kettlebell – Really nice kettlebell, the handle is smooth and the finish is nice.
Ader 24kg  53lb Ader Premier Kettlebell – It doesn’t look like a “Rolls Royce” kettlebell like the Dragon Door ones do, but this awesome product will get you from A to B just as reliably and comfortably.
RKC 12kg 26lb RKC Russian Kettlebell Dragon Door – The finish is good, no sharp edges and best of all it’s portable.
RKC 16kg 35lb RKC Russian Kettlebell Dragon Door – The 16kg/35lb kettlebell is the ideal size for most men and for stronger women to jumpstart their cardio, conditioning and strength programs.
RKC 36kg 79lb RKC Russian Kettlebell Dragon Door – The 79lb kettlebell brings another level of nastiness to those require it to stay on top of the heap: martial artists, football players and other athletes for whom explosive power and egregious strength are a MUST.
Ader 32kg 70lb Ader Premier Kettlebell – This kettlebell came wrapped securely in many layers of tape and cardboard. The finish was perfect without any rough edges.
36kg 80lb Wide Handle Kettlebell – Nice size handles, good for women as well as men, and nice flat bottom. Not too slick which is good when your hands are sweaty.
Onnit  4 to 40kg Onnit Kettlebell Buy


Believe it or not, they’ve actually made KettleBALLS, and I think they’re pretty cool, so they deserve a place on here. I like them because they’re safe to work with in the rain, and also pretty safe to have around or use with kids.

9kg 20lb Power Systems Kor Kettleball – they have a medicine ball feel, which is nice when you’re doing floor work.

Cool Kettlebells

These are the type of Kettlebells that are cool, they are to impress, great for party tricks, everyone wants one of these in their home!

Onnit 28kg Werewolf Legend Bell Buy
Onnit Onnit Primal Bells – Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Zombie, Gorilla, Orangutang etc.