Our Story

Kettlebell Training Education is the result of over a decade of planning, researching, testing, filming, writing and creating content. KBTE is the sister website of Cavemantraining, it's focus is to provide access to the educational material that has been carefully created over the years.

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“Anyone who starts kettlebell training needs to follow the kettlebell journey step-by-step, they need to go through the rites of passage; there are no shortcuts.”

Taco Fleur, Founder

Who We Are

Kettlebell Training Education is a group of fitness professionals that have an incredible kettlebell knowledge and a passion to teach others. KBTE together with kettlebell.community is under the management of Cavemantraining.

What We Do

Our mission is to educate kettlebell enthusiasts and kettlebell trainers in the art of kettlebell training. To bring across the knowledge we have accumulated that allows anyone to train safely, pain-free and effectively with kettlebells.

Meet Our Management

Our management team consists of two highly passionate fitness enthusiasts with decades of experience in the fitness industry across the world.