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Welcome to Kettlebell Training Education

your online resource to learn Kettlebell Training safely and effectively

Training with Kettlebells is now accessible to anyone across the world, it’s as easy as signing up and getting started with your own private online Kettlebell Coach.

  • theory will be provided in manageable non intimidating easy to digest modules.
  • you upload your practical via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive or other easy to use program for you.
  • quizzes or exams are done online and are multiple choice or open book.

The whole course is designed in such a way that anyone can do it, you choose how far you take your Kettlebell Training and how long you take to complete the course. The course is for anyone wanting to learn how to start training with Kettlebells and work towards a goal of losing fat, gaining muscle, becoming ripped, flexible or gain cardiovascular endurance.

If you’re a personal trainer you can choose to be certified as a Caveman Kettlebell Trainer and the certification will be adjusted in such a way that you learn how to train your clients in the art of Kettlebell Training step by step and gradually progress your clients.

Detailed Course Material

The course material is extremely detailed, one exercise will be covered from every angle and minute detail, whereas some other ‘professional’ courses provide one paragraph on an exercise that is vital to further education, we will cover the details that you want and need to know to fully understand the movements, muscles, goals, technique and form for all exercises.

Online Kettlebell Training for trainers that want to train other people in the art of Kettlebells. Learn how to properly and effectively swing a Kettlebell.

Online Kettlebell Training for end-users, people who train from home or want to be educated online.


Start your learning program and learn how to safely and effectively train with Kettlebells after completion of our course, or money back guaranteed.


You’ll receive quality educational material that is crafted by experts in such a way that anyone can follow the course and understand the finer details.


You will be working with qualified Kettlebell Coaches who have taught at least 500+ classes and worked with at least 100+ private clients worldwide.


Upon successful completion of your course you will receive a certificate showing your achievement for completing our detailed kettlebell courses.

Why learn online?

With todays advanced technology, kettlebell training online is becoming a lot more popular as more and more people start to realise that they are getting more value for their money.
As a trainer I had to go through courses and certifications myself, most of the time I walked away thinking “great I got a certificate” but what about the actual knowledge I wanted? I felt most courses lacked because:
  • they were to quick
  • not detailed enough
  • not tailored to individuals
  • people are not properly encouraged to ask questions
  • the environment was intimidating, making students scared to ask something and lose face in-front of their peers

With online learning it is you in a comfortable and familiar environment with all the time of the world to review course material, ask questions via a medium that suits you, whether that is Skype, Telephone, Email, Video, Forum or other communication method. You can do the practical in-front of your mirror, film it, review it and submit it when you’re happy.

The most important part of learning

The “why” has almost been the most important thing for me personally to understand, without the “why” you’re just doing something because someone told you to do it that way, but you have no idea why you’re doing it that way or if there is even another way of doing it. We encourage questioning, in fact, questioning is what keeps us on our toes and the course material up to extremely professional standards.


Once you understand the reason behind something, it will become easier to remember and it will also give you more confidence in your ability.

Never think to yourself “I should not question the teacher”, our teachers should know the ‘why’ to a great extend, but of course there is always something new to learn, even for us, this is why you asking questions is so great. If we don’t know it, but need to know it, we will find out and get back to you.

Kettlebell Courses


Kettlebell Training Education is the brainchild of Taco Fleur, Taco is a Kettlebell Training Qualified Coach, he is also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt and previous owner of the two ‘The TOUGH Spot’ gyms in Australia and the immensely popular ‘Gym Elite’ in Vietnam. Taco has been training with Kettlebells since early 2004 and has a sincere passion for training with them and educating people on how to use them.

Taco also runs the successful Youtube Channel Cavemantraining where over 14,000 people follow his kettlebell videos on a weekly basis, the channel has received over 3 and a quarter million views since start of 2016.

Taco is also the manager of the LinkedIn group Personal Trainers Worldwide which has a member base of over 10,500 members at the start of 2016 and also the owner of World Kettlebell Community.

Anna is a head coach at Kettlebell Training Education with her Kettlebell Level II and has also been training with Kettlebells since 2004. Anna shares the same passion for Kettlebell Training as Taco and truly enjoys seeing people progress step by step and helping people to train safely and effectively with Kettlebells.

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